Dec 12 Breaking Accessibility Barriers Along With Continual Engine

Dec 12 Breaking Accessibility Barriers Along With Continual Engine

When: Dec 12 at 6pm

Where: Youtube Live

The advent of technology has made the transition to independence and to work life more accessible to individuals with visual impairments. Despite these advances in science, there still remain certain aspects of science, Maths and documents like PPTs that still encounter problems with text-to-speech conversion and the like. It is in this regard that we, at the Blind Graduates Forum of India, are teaming up with Continual Engine for an enlightening session on tools that combine Artificial Intelligence and human intervention to increase accessibility for the visually impaired.
This session will be held on Saturday, December 12th, 2020, at 6 PM (IST). It will focus on products associated with Chemistry Vision, Mathematic Visions and Table Vison, including the remediation of Table images, Chemistry-related content like equations, graphs and molecular structures, among others. They will also acquaint participants with Prep which allows for the automatic remediation of PDF documents. These are a few among the other products and their uses that will be discussed during the course of this session.

About Continual Engine:
Continual Engine is an organization dedicated to finding simpler, less expensive, and more effective ways of making content accessible and delivering transformative learning. They believe that high quality learning experience is something that individuals with visual impairments too, must be able to avail.
Attending this session will not only increase your awareness about the most recent updates in accessibility tools, but also possibly open up avenues for you that you may have never considered before, owing to difficulties with accessibility. We, at BGFI, are very excited about this session for it aligns with our ethos of enabling diversity and inclusion.
We will be streaming the session live on YouTube. So, click on the link below to join us.

for any queries, write to us at

BGFI looks forward to seeing you there!

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