Experiential Learning and Outbound Programmes

Entertainment coupled with learning activities is most essential to anyone’s life. We strongly believe that people with disability are in no way an exception to this. The outbound programmes held by BGFI aims to provide our visually challenged friends a fun-filled learning experience, an experience that allows not only some exceptional memories but also allows a learning which is more accessible. Yes, that’s right! Our major aim to conduct these sessions is to sensitise the stake holders about visual impairment, how they can learn and experience the visual aspect of things without sight and give our friends an accessible outbound experiential learning. While some things cannot be understood without sight, it is not very difficult to make a visually challenged understand how it is, how it looks, what’s its shape, its colour, its usability. There are ways to manage things using auditory, descriptive and touch techniques, and we exactly make the stakeholders as well as the society aware of those ways through our visits. These visits open special doors for people who have not yet been able to step out of the house without family.

Keeping these things in mind, we organize trips to amusement and water parks, trekking, industrial visits like visits to army base workshop, overnight adventure camps, Science, Art and History museums and many more.

The visits and trips help our visually challenged members experience something that they usually don’t. It gives them an opportunity to experience the environment without the care of their families. It helps them learn to do many daily activities independently. Also, sensitize organizations and the society overall who can play a role in removing physical and mental barriers for their overall development. It sends a message to people that even a visually challenged person can enjoy like everyone else does! After all, experience is the best teacher!

So what are you waiting for???? Come along! Join us on our next adventurous outbound programme!!