13 Jan – Role of family members in the lives of persons with visual impairment

13 Jan – Role of family members in the lives of persons with visual impairment

Family members play the most important role in the life of a visually
impaired. It’s the first institute that plays a key role in shaping
the meaning of right and wrong, an institute that molds our
personality, an institute that either can make us confident or brake
our confidence. Recognizing the importance Blind Graduates Forum of
India cordially invites the family members of our visually impaired
friends for a discussion on your experience in supporting and
enriching the lives of the visually impaired member of your family.
If you are a parent, sibling or spouse of a person with visual
impairment, this session is for you. If you are blind, please get your
family members for this session. You could discuss the challenges you
face and more importantly help other families find solutions with your

Date: Saturday, 13th January, 2018
Time:  3to 6 PM.
Venue: College of Social Work,Nirmala Niketan,
38, New Marine Lines
Churchgate station(East)
Behind GST Bhavan
Mumbai 400020.
The topics of discussion include but are not limited to education,
technology , socializing, independent living. In many cases visual
impairment is sudden, in others it is from childhood. Family members
having similar experiences are the best people to help us make each
other?s life simpler and fulfilling. So if you have been able to cope
with any particular challenge, please come and join us in our
discussion and help others too. If you feel that there is some space
of improvement in how you support and enrich your family member we can
think together!

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