Mentorship Programme

Are you unsure about which educational stream you should take? Are you unable to make up your mind on which career path to choose? Or do you simply want to understand how to prepare for your educational or career goals?

The good news is that you are not the only person who has been in such a situation.

With an aim to enable visually challenged students and individuals to be proactive and make the right choice, Blind Graduates Forum of India (BGFI) has launched a mentoring program. The BGFI Mentorship Programme aims at guiding the visually challenged individuals in choosing appropriate path on education, career, etc. BGFI will connect the needy to the mentor suitable to their interests and aspirations.

We will understand your needs, aspirations and individual scenario and accordingly find a mentor who is like a trusted counselor or a guide for you and has successfully sailed through similar experiences and situations. Most students who need mentoring may not be well connected through the platforms created for the visually challenged. So if you know students who need mentoring, please help us connect with them. It may change their lives. Location is not a barrier.

At various points in our lives, we all identify and seek to learn from, and often emulate, our mentors. They become models for the development of proper problem solving and decision making techniques, the demonstration of technical skills, developing interpersonal abilities, and providing personal guidance.

Most successful individuals, right from students, professionals to CEOs have had mentors who have shaped their life over a period of time. Therefore, it will be your responsibility to stay connected with your Mentor and leverage from their rich and valuable experience. The Mentors will not find a job for you; however they may guide you on how to prepare yourself to find your first job. You as a mentee can have one to one interaction with your mentor as per your mutual convenience.

Who can enroll?

Visually challenged individuals who have just finished school, those who are in college, or have finished their education and are wondering ‘What Next’, are welcome.

Choosing the right path and putting in appropriate effort towards your goals holds the key to your future. Finding the right person who can guide you towards that is the first step!

How to Enroll?

To join the Mentorship Program, fill the form below to sign up. For queries write to us at