Knowledge Sharing Sessions

The support system that has been built for people with blindness traditionally has been focused around education and employment. However to lead an independent and fulfilling life it is essential to focus on the overall development touching all aspects of life.

With this objective, BGFI conducts monthly Knowledge Sharing Sessions. We invite experts and mainstreamed organizations to share their expertise considering the context of people with blindness. In turn, it helps the organizations to understand their requirements better. We also conduct Mobile Capsules, a bite size training, programmed on various mobile apps. Mobile technology with the aid of screen reading applications has opened up many possibilities and BGFI supports its members in leveraging upon it.

A few of the themes of our session include-

  • Accessibility & Technology
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Investments, Insurance & Tax Planning
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Family & parenting
  • Fitness, Sports & Games
  • Quiz Contest / Fun Trivia Sessions
  • Entrepreneurship / Grooming & Soft Skills
  • Outdoor Activities