Dec 9 Independent Living – Knowledge Sharing Session

Dec 9 Independent Living – Knowledge Sharing Session

Have you ever wished that you could live independently? ? Have you ever wished you manage day to day tasks or be mobile yourself? Have you been waiting to meet with visually challenged individuals who have mastered how to optimize their daily tasks for efficiency?  Well, this time we the BGFI team have planned an open discussion to share the challenges we face in our
day to day living and come up with solutions to make our lives

Everyday life shouldn’t be a struggle, and there are countless ways we can learn to ease this. Join BGFI as we talk with visually challenged individuals to understand how we can all experience such resilience in those periods of time when we are not feeling like we have that strength?  We could all use a dose of resilience from time to time.  you could  share the
challenges faced by you and others could  share thoughts and ideas on the ways to accomplish our goal to have an independent life.
We believe that people facing the same challenges are the best
source of appropriate guidance. If you wish to live your life
independently or if you think that you are good at some chore that can
lead to independence, then come ahead and join us in our discussion

Continuing with our series of mobile capsules, this time we will cover Be My Eyes and Ieyed  by Aditi Shah. Both the aps promote independent living. Be my eyes is an ap that connects you to sighted volunteers. Eye-D
helps visually impaired be location aware, explore and navigate
to nearby places of interest, evaluate surroundings with their
smartphone camera and read printed text.

Date: Saturday, 9th December 2017
Time: 3 PM-5.30 PM.
Gaffar Khan Road, Worli Seaface, Mumbai – 400 030.

Let’s make our lives independent together!!